Full Canvases


Tiffany Figueroa lets the universe run its course when it comes to her artwork. She has no definitive process of creating art, allowing her imagination to bleed onto canvas, like a never-ending stream of consciousness. With a cocktail of creativity, canvas, and color, Tiffany Figueroa takes twists and turns throughout her artwork, building worlds within worlds in a piece, leaving enough space for the audience to experience their own stories through her art.

Tiffany’s Work

Tiffany Figueroa draws inspiration from adventure, experience, and her pet rabbit. The desert sneaks its way into her artwork, as do rabbit ears and eddies of color. While experiencing Tiffany Figueroa’s artwork, you are transported into a world of color and character. She masters the use of fluorescent colors and often combines hidden elements inside her art that are incapable of be seeing through the naked eye.

Once you take a step in one of Tiffany Figueroa’s paintings, you don’t know what you will find.

So, take a step inside, and decide – What do you see?